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We stand out by providing real and tangible results for our clients. No two businesses are the exact same so why would your marketing strategy be the same as your competitors. We do a deep analysis of where you are currently at and where you would like to be in the next 6 months. We then create a list of attainable goals and provide you with information and timeline on the execution.

Case Study 1

This broker did not have enough people in his pipeline and wanted to generate not only leads but real tangible conversations. After checking out our past successes online he reached out to see how we could help him. Putting together a custom marketing strategy and building conversion focused online ads and dedicated landing pages we were able to provide our client with hundreds of qualified leads. As you can see by the results below this has been an continued marketing partnership with close to $50k spent on just the social and remarketing ads.

While it’s tempting to identify potential customers by purchasing lists from lead companies, proceed with caution. In fact, you may save money and hassle by skipping purchased leads altogether. While exclusive leads can be a bit more expensive – $50-$100 or more each – they also are more likely to make it to a closing. We pride ourselves in sourcing the most cost effective and qualified leads possible through online marketing.

Case Study 2


With a fully customized google ad strategy we were able to increase this brokers inbound calls by over 10x. In the previous 5 month time frame our client was struggling to get 20 inbound calls from the website.

We implemented a complete revamp of the google ads strategy,  including adding dynamic search ads, localized targeting and the use of the new google lead form ad types. This got our client to the top of google, and above competitors when users were actively searching for a broker.

Not only did we increase the amount of calls to the business, the broker was able to convert to date over 60 of the 223 new leads in the pipeline, equating to a significant increase in revenue. 

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Dedicated to providing real results

If we are working with you its because we have also identified the potential in scaling your business with a customized marketing strategy. We only take on clients we know we can help with our services.

Do a quick search for “mortgage brokers near me” we’ll bet you will be served with a google ad directing you to the website and business who has paid to play in the online marketing space. partner with us to learn how you can instantly rank above your competitors with google ads.

SEO as a long term strategy.

 Using the Power Funnels proven SEO strategy will bring your website up from the deep depths of googles indexing to the forefront of your local search queries for mortgage brokers, with out the monthly recurring ad spend.

An end to end strategy & solution

We have the skills and expertise in-house to complete all the necessary requirements for the implementation & execution of highly successful mortgage broker lead gen campaigns. With over 40 years of combined experience in marketing, design and web development. Power Funnels are your trusted team for g generating new targeted leads.

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